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Living in Oklahoma gives you access to beautiful natural spaces to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. But when the storms roll in, having a sturdy roof is vital to preventing the need for storm damage roof repair. When you live in Tornado Alley, you can’t be too careful when caring for your roof. High winds, hail, and heavy rains can all take their toll on roofing shingles and tiles.

Fortunately, Preferred Roofing is prepared to help you weather any storm. From helping you plan timely inspections to identifying damage early when it is easier to repair to doing whole roof replacements, we ensure you always have expert storm damage roof repair services to keep you safe during even the wildest OKC thunderstorms.

Hail Damage On Roof

After a hail storm, you can sometimes see damage from the ground. Step away from your house to see if you notice any missing shingles or dark spots that could indicate where the hail hit. With asphalt shingles, you might notice granules on the ground that the hail knocked off or shiny areas where the underlying mats are exposed. Preferred Roofing is experienced with storm damage roof repair in Oklahoma City after hailstorms.

Storm Damage Roof Repair Roofing Company Near Me

Addressing Roof Hail Damage

A reputable roofing company will recommend conducting a thorough inspection that can reveal more damage than you can see from the ground. People who find damage to their roof have several options for repairing the damage that hail left in its wake. For storm damage roof repair from hail, we recommend replacing damaged shingles when the problem is in one specific area.

Preventing Roof Damage

Storm damage to your roof can occur from a variety of different sources. Hail naturally hits the roof with great force, leaving dents, holes, and knocked-off shingles behind. High winds can lift weakened shingles, and rain can leak beneath them to begin damaging the roof’s sublayers. Our team at Preferred Roofing restores integrity to damaged roofs through their expert storm damage roof repair services, making them stronger for standing up to future storms.

Dealing With a Roof Damaged by Hail

Storm damage roof repair should always begin with an in-depth inspection that involves checking every covering element on top of your house. Our roof inspectors carefully assess the shingles along with the sublayers of the roof. We’ll also check flashing around chimneys and other areas, such as the fascia, to identify signs of water damage that require immediate repairs.

Hail Damage Roofing Contractors

The roofing company you choose to provide storm damage roof repair services should be skilled and experienced in handling all roofing problems. No two storms are alike, so hiring a roofing professional who has weathered many over the years will provide you with someone who knows what to look for during an inspection. Preferred Roofing has over 30 years of experience providing storm damage roof repair services to your community, and our family-centered approach means that you can trust their recommendations.

Reliable Storm Damage Roofers in Oklahoma City

At Preferred Roofing, we view every customer as a family member. If we wouldn’t leave our family’s roof in poor condition, then you can trust that we won’t leave yours until it is ready to weather any major OKC storm. We promptly respond to all requests for roof repair and offer a comprehensive service package that keeps repairs cost-effective. Whether you need a couple of shingles replaced or deeper repairs for structural damage, we’ve got you covered.

Storm Damage Roof Repair Contractors Near Me

Roof Damaged by Storms

A roofing contractor typically recommends inspecting roofs every year for signs of damage, and we’ll send a member of our team out when you request additional inspections after major storms. Even a brand-new roof can sustain damage from hard-hitting hail and heavy winds. Hence, conducting an inspection helps you to catch problems early before they cause water damage.

If you notice leaks inside the house, then you’ll also want to reach out for an inspection immediately. Our crew provides 24/7 emergency storm damage roof repair services that stop water leaks in their tracks.

Wind Damage to Roof

Wind damage is one of the leading causes of premature roof replacements. Straight-line winds can occur with enough force in Oklahoma to lift entire roofs off buildings. Finding shingles in your lawn or the neighbor’s yard is a sign of wind damage during a storm. You can also see the corners of shingles lifting or curling up or discolored areas on the roof where the granules on asphalt shingles blew away.

How Can I Find Storm Damage Roof Repair Near Me?

Finding quality storm damage roof repair services is as easy as looking for a local company. Working with a local roofing company means that the contractor who comes to your house is already aware of the severity of the storms that come through your area. Our roofing company is close to our community’s homes and businesses, allowing us to provide the fastest response possible. You can reach a member of our Preferred Roofing team by calling us at 405-792-2222 or sending us a message through our easy online form.

Can Wind Damage Roof?

Wind doesn’t have to be at high speeds to damage a roof, and roofing issues can occur on a windy day without a storm. Although wind can damage new shingles, your chances of finding damage increase if the roof is old. Older shingles are more likely to lift during high winds, so staying on top of roof replacements is important.

Can Ice Damage Roof?

Ice storms can be especially damaging to roofs for several reasons. When sleet falls, larger chunks can mimic the impact of hail. Shingles that are already weak may not be able to stand up to a heavy downpour of sleet and mixed precipitation. Ice storms also tend to cause what roofing contractors call dams. As ice thaws and refreezes overnight, it can cause thick patches that slowly melt. This prevents proper water drainage from the roof, and it is a common cause for homes to need roof repair during the winter season.

What Wind Speed Damages Roofs?

Your house might need storm damage roof repair, even when the wind speeds are not extremely high. Roof damage typically begins when the wind hits around 45 mph but can also happen at lower speeds. Once the wind hits around 75 mph or higher, you can expect widespread damage that could require a total roof replacement. Our crew frequently inspects roofs before oncoming storms to make sure they are in good condition for standing up to high winds.

How to Handle Storm Damage to Roof Tiles

Calling our roofing team for prompt storm damage roof repair services is your best defense against future damage to your property. If the damage is only on a few tiles, then repairing these roof sections might be all you need. In other cases, we might recommend replacing the sublayers of the roof along with the tiles to provide a comprehensive approach to roof repair. Either way, acting fast by contacting our team for repairs means you won’t have to worry about water damage in upcoming storms.

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