If an air vent on the roof is old, rusty, or damaged, water can flow into the house whenever it rains. This is not just annoying; if it is neglected, it can cause further structural damage. We can quickly replace a damaged roof ventilation for homeowners in Preferred Roofing. Whether you are picking or trying Oklahoma roofing companies (only if you know what to do), repairing damaged shingles will be less expensive than replacing your roof. The process is straightforward.

It’s the old issue of damaged shingles in the roof. Should the wind damage be repaired or the roof replaced? The answer is not as easy as it might appear. The extent of the damage and age of the roof may depend on numerous factors.

Roof Repair Steps: Roof Vent substitution

Before you begin to restore your roof, our contractor will confirm that the air leaks by water test. The test involves running water from a garden shaft to simulate rain water on all four sides of the wind. During the test, the contractor searches for areas where water can penetrate the roof, such as higher shingles, bent metal and underlying.

The real work on your sales replacement begins after the water test. This repair is carried out in the following steps by our contractors:

  • Removal of the shingles 2 ft. around the roof vent in all directions. The underlaying is therefore exposed.
  • Visible indicators of water damage on the base and around the ventilation base are checked.
  • Cut off the bottom of the roof vent to expose it to the deck.
  • The current roof vent is removed.
  • Examination for water damages and rot exposed covering and opening of the vent.
  • Any damaged deck replacement.
  • New roof vent installation.
  • Set up an ice and water shield that covers all the vent seams.
  • Applying the area with a new felt underlay.
  • Use the six-nail method to install new shingles.
  • To stop the squeezing and leakage by capping the nails on the new roof vent.

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The expert of our roofing company can support homeowners in all types of projects, including the reparation and replacement of roofs. Moreover, a guarantee of up to 2 years supports our workmanship!

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