Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is sprayed on as a liquid so that it can spread to a foam, which produces a solid layer over an existing roof. Spray foam roofing can solve the toughest challenges in the interior and exterior of your commercial building in Dallas. SPF is an eco-friendly option for roofing in commercial, industrial and factory installations. SPF is a sophisticated roofing technology.


Seamless Roof – Spray foam roofs (SPF) form seamless systems of roofing. To be seamless does not have seals or joints that frequently allow water and air to enter the building structure through the roofing system.
Lightweight – SPF Roofing System creates a lightweight, high-performance, smooth and waterproof roofing system. The SPF system is less than 1 pound / square foot and can be installed on an existing roof without affecting the structural integrity of the roof of the building.
Cool and Long-lasting Inside – The SPF System highly UV-reflective elastomeric sacrificial surface protects the roofing system against ultraviolet degradation. The SPF System has an insulation R-Value of 6.5 per inch, which means that roof temperatures can be reduced by up to 65 degrees, reducing interior building temperatures and the load and energy costs associated with higher roof and inner temperature in the building of AC equipment.
Flashing – Due to its compatible roof with the supporting substrate, a seamless system is perfect for parapet walls, rooftop equipment, and skylights. Many roof leakages are due to weak flashing, and this problem is solved with spray foam roofs.
Water Ponding – Ponding water can be eliminated for re-roofing applications through the addition of an increased thickness of spray foam in low areas. Constructing the flat surfaces and inclining the roof to drain correctly will eliminate the water from pooling. It also contributes to reducing the additional weight of this accumulation of water.
Easy Maintenance – The light color of SPF roofing systems makes it easy to see and repair any damage to the roofing system. Also, because the SPF system is entirely seamless, no miles of seams are needed to check or gravel surface to seek premature system failure in later years to find during routine roof maintenance.
Less Thermal Shock – Due to features like being seamless, high ‘R’ value and white in color – elastomeric cover protection, spray foam roofs can reduce the effects of a thermal shock on the structure significantly.
Versatility – For both a new design and old roof replacement, spray foam roofs can be employed. Spray foam may also be applied flat, sloped, textured like saw-toothed, or domed or with custom pitch or forms.
Rigidity and Flexibility – Though the spray foam roofing is very lightweight, the spray is also strong on the roofs and won’t shrink. Spray on roofs can handle normal expansion and contraction while retaining the ability to protect the building against external elements.

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