Blog, flat roof repair . November 19, 2019

Summer is the perfect time to check the status of your roof with spring cleaning projects over and over. Together with the heat, the summer storms can harm your roof, leading in leaks that further affect the structural integrity of your roof resulting in a need of flat roof repair.

Being proactive rather than reactive about your roof maintenance enables you to identify problems before they turn into costly repairs. Below are our top tips for every homeowner in the summer:

Hanging Tree Branch Removal

Get rid of any tree limbs growing near the roof – this could harm the roof’s protective layer.

Dark Spots and Leaking Roof

Have you noticed any dark places in your roof or indications of leakage? Do not disregard the indications by trying to cover it with additional paint coats. Ignoring the indications will only exacerbate the issue. It is better to invest a few additional bucks in roof maintenance than to spend cash on costly flat roof repairs that might have been avoided. You may also want to have your roof inspected if you have noticed mold or dampness in your attic.


Check for weakened places on your ceiling; pests often cause this kind of harm. This step, you don’t want to ignore because it can cause pests to have immediate access to your home. Nothing is more disturbing than finding a squirrel, raccoon or other unwanted animals entering your home. Another significant thing to check for is an insect infestation. These are indications of prospective infestation if a roof has rotted places, soft spots or insect damage.

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are clogged, it could back up rainwater on your roof, causing damage. Clean all sticks, dirt, and debris from your gutters and downspouts. Make sure they are strongly attached to your ceiling while cleaning your gutters and free of cracks. You may want to consider replacing them if they are rusted. To prevent dealing with severe property damage down the street, it is better to consider installing a good quality gutter earlier rather than later. Hire a professional from a roofing company in OKC; if you don’t have the abilities or instruments, you need to clean or maintain your gutters.

Ventilation Problem

The ventilation of your home plays a main role in protecting your long-haul roof. Evaluating the cooling bills of your home over the past few months and comparing them with the bills you paid a year before might assist you in understanding if your ventilation is impaired. If the bills are considerably greater despite the absence of modifications in your lifestyle, calling a specialist to evaluate the ventilation of your home is a good idea.

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