When you notice wear and tear on your roof, you might wonder if your roof will have to be repaired or replaced. While you probably hope to solve problems quickly without having to pay for a new roof, the best action you can take sometimes is to replace the roof. If you cannot decide how to handle problems with your commercial roofing in Dallas, continue reading and learn your roof’s needs in three situations.

An Old Roof

You need to consider the age of your roof before repairing a missing shingle or a problem with your roof that you believe can be remedied. It’s better to replace an old roof. Asphalt shingles generally last for 15 years and can last between 30 and 50 years with clay and concrete tiles. It’s a good time to invest in a new roof if your roof has reached that limit.

Damage Is Growing

The status of your roof from outside is difficult to assume. Although there are no missing shingles or damaged ones which indicate that a serious problem is there, you must replace the roof immediately if the water is discolored in your ceiling or you find signs of mold growth in your attic.

Before Selling Your Home

If you try to sell, an old or damaged roof will frighten buyers away. If it causes serious issues or if it has reached an end to its life expectancy before placing it on the market, replace your roof to increase the value of your home and convince potential buyers you’ve taken good care of your home.

Whether you decide to repair or to replace your roof, it is recommended to get a professional hand. There are many roofing companies in OKC, but at Preferred Roofing we have a trained and experience team to assist you with roofing recommendations and make your installation or replacement easy for you.