Blog, flat roof repair . March 18, 2019

As winter draws to a close and spring comes, it is a good time to think about the projects like flat roof repair to improve your property in the coming months. Replace your roof with architectural shingles, a long-lasting stone-coated steel roof and other updated roofing materials to improve the look, effectiveness and resale value of your home or commercial property. Three primary reasons are here to replace or repair your flat roof.

Energy Efficiency

Substituting an old roof for energy-efficiency improvements can save on your heating and AC bills. Pigmented granules have been certified to reduce heat transfer from the sun into metal and asphalt roofing. The temperature of the roofing surface can be reduced by almost 50° F, which reduces the heat inside your home. You can reduce the demand for air conditioning overall by 10%-15%, making your home more comfortable and less of an energy hog.


A shabby, old roof can give your roof an outdated and dilapidated look as well as making your home less energy efficient. Today’s wide range of appealing and affordable roofing materials include traditional shingles, with stone-coated steel. Stainless steel is a versatile option which looks sophisticated, without the inconvenience or the costs associated with natural materials like slate, clay, and cedar. Stainless steel roofs are robust and durable and last for an average of 40–70 years before replacement and usually have 50 years’ warranty.

Increased Resale Value

Even if you plan on selling your home, your roof replacement can be an intelligent move. A new roof can add more value to your home, effectively paying for itself, and often moreso.

Why Is Spring the Time?

We prefer spring over summer and winter; the days begin to be longer and the weather more favorable. It’s our main concern to keep your roof dry. We don’t want sleet or snow while repairing or replacing your roof.


For outside house improvement projects such as roofing, the spring brings pretty good weather conditions. The season does not have extreme cold like winter and also, spring humidity is less than summer, not to mention the higher chance of hail, storms and tornadoes as summer approaches. During your replacement or flat roof repair project, increased humidity can damage your roof without protection from moisture. The days start warming in spring, so it’s highly unlikely that snowstorms would slow down your project. The shingles on a new roof require sun-heat to form a good seal. Spring invites warm, sealable weather.

More Available Roofers

Spring, in comparison with summer and autumn, is an appropriate season for roofing repair or replacement. Most homeowners eagerly manage to complete their roofing projects before the winter. Roofing companies are much more able to meet their requirements in spring. Late in summer and fall for most roofing companies are the most-booked times of year. Many homeowners must wait weeks or months for a contractor to replace their roof. In Spring, it is much easier to plan your project.

More Affordability

Because spring is a more extended period for roofers, you have not only more entrepreneurs to choose, but also a larger market with high competition. This makes the proficient roofing contractor available at the most affordable price. Roofing providers aren’t expecting their price to rise until the busy season. You’ll usually see the rate for roofing services increase in autumn. By planning a spring project, you can avoid this.
The good roofing projects make a roofer reputable. Come to Preferred Roofing for your roofing replacement or flat roof repair. We have the experience to provide you professional support and appropriate guidance for your roof’s best interest.