Blog, Commercial Roofing Dallas . October 8, 2018

People often mix up the two ideas of TPO roof and PVC roof. There are valid reasons behind this. The two types have quite similar attributes in terms of color and the area of application, that is commercial roofing. The people of Dallas mostly use the TPO roofing and we prefer it also for commercial purposes.

If you ask us which one is better for commercial roofing in Dallas, we would suggest to you TPO roofing. Why? Here are some causes for you that we find quite interesting.

Puncture Resistance

For the puncture resistance, TPO roofing would hold a better rank. When you are covering a large area, you would obviously want it to be puncture resistant. TPO, depending on the thickness is way more puncture proof. Debris carried by storm and tree branches can easily puncture a PVC roof, but not the TPO.

Weather Resistance

For extreme weather, special care and attention is required for roofs. To fight the chilling weather, you will need a roof with a strong membrane, so that it won’t crack or shatter. During the frosting weather, it is also better to have TPO for commercial roofing in Dallas to protect the interior.


For a commercial roofing membrane in Dallas, an environment-friendly choice is always appreciated. You don’t have to tolerate toxic fumes in case of fire. It is safer to handle and your property is most likely to face the least damage in cases of fire. PVC, contains chlorine which is hazardous to health; on the other hand, TPO is basically a recyclable product.


Judging from the aspect of durability, TPO beats PVC roofing. The latter one is prone to shrink over time and as a result, the joints will loosen up and the membrane may pull away from the corners. It reacts with the mercury touching the bottom; it shrinks and cracks. You can repair it, but that is generally expensive. On the other hand, PVC is far away from all of these troubles.

Cost And Budget

If you searching for something within your budget and quite worth the investment, it is best for you to choose TPO roofing over PVC. It is cheaper than PVC and also includes a lot of benefits. It is a good option for paying a lower price for greater benefits.

Preferred Roofing is a reputable company when it comes to commercial roofing services in Dallas. The professionals of this company recommend TPO roofing over PVC and the reasons are illustrated above. If you have any queries, you can call the experts directly, and they will help you choose and install the best one for you.