The roof protects our house from natural phenomena such as rain, snow, heat, pests. You have to check the roof frequently to prevent damages. Proactive roof maintenance reduces the chances of roof repair for a specific period of time. After that, you have to repair the roof of your house. That is why you should know the common reasons behind roof damage.

The Reasons behind Roof Damage


The main reason behind the shingle damage is that it has remained for many years. It can be weak and fragile. In that case, you have to do roof replacement rather than doing a frequent repair.


Rats and mice can go through the holes along with termites, ants that can go everywhere. When you think about roof damage, you should be aware of squirrels, birds and rats. These animals go to your house by riding the siding, through the gutters and make a nest on the roofs which are not good for its health.

Poor Maintenance

Everything in your house including the roof needs to be maintained otherwise the situation of the roof degrades more gradually.

Snow Damage

In the winter season when snow and ice thaw upon the surface of your roof, the small particles of the water remain under the shingles. When the water refreezes, it lifts the shingles and clears a path for further water damage in the future. This process plays an important role to create roof erosion. If you experience this, then you should check the roof after every spring and call for roof repair if needed.

Wind Damage

High wind can damage the shingles, nails and other roofing elements. If you choose high materials to maintain the stability of your roof then it can help to resist the harmful high wind. But keep in mind that, after every storm, you should check the roof minutely to see if there is any hidden damage and leak or not.

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