Blog, Spray Foam Roofing OKC . December 22, 2021

The smooth roofing system with no joints makes spray foam roofing a popular roofing option. Since there are different shapes and types, a spray foam roof can be installed in both residential as well as commercial settings. Once you install a spray foam roof, it’s expected to last more than 50 years. But at the same time regular roof maintenance is an absolute requirement. It doesn’t matter what type of roof you have, a regular roof-maintenance will increase the lifespan of your roof. Here are a few important tops to maintain your spray foam roof:

Regular Cleaning

Regardless of the roof type, regular cleaning ensures your roof lasts for a long time. It’s important to inspect your roof thoroughly for any sign of roof damage, especially after a storm attack. The terminal points of your spray foam roofing system need to be inspected. Make sure there is no debris, twigs and fallen leaves. Clear them as soon as possible to avoid roofing damage.

The Color of Your Foam Roof

When you’re making an inspection of your foam roof, take a good look into the color of your roof. Sign of discoloration can be a sign of a big problem. Call a professional if you’re able to spot textural changes.

Eliminate Unnecessary Objects

Homeowners often like to put their unnecessary objects over their foam roof. But they don’t know this can create a large roofing issue. Objects such as unused HVAC and old furniture can damage your foam roof. Keep your unnecessary heavy objects away from your foam roof.

Do Not Overlook Common Foam Roofing Problems

To make sure your spray foam roof is in good condition, be sure to perform common repairs. If you overlook common cracks and holes, it will cost you big in future. Don’t forget to contact professionals to install and maintain your spray foam roof.

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