Blog, Spray Foam Roofing OKC . May 25, 2022

The roof is the first line of defense of your house from bad weather conditions. Not just that, it plays an important role in insulating your building and providing you with a low energy bill. A properly insulated roof can save you hundreds of dollars and help your roof to last longer. Roof insulation can provide heat resistance by stopping warm air from entering and cold air from going out, especially if you have spray foam roofing.

Definition of R-Value

R-Value is the thermal resistance of the insulation, which is measured per inch of thickness. If you have a higher R-Value, then it keeps your building energy-efficient, thus giving your roof better insulation.

Requirements of R-value

Oklahoma City has a particular building code that the people need to follow to have an R-Value roofing system. The minimum R-Value is determined by the local jurisdiction that you need to take into account before doing your roofing. Even if you have spray foam roofing, you still have to follow building codes, or you may have to pay fines.

Some of the Common R-Values

R-Value is not just calculated by the insulation but by taking into account the cover board, underlayment, adhesives, and the membrane. Some of the common average R-Values are:

  • XPS Insulation
  • EPS Insulation
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam
  • Polyiso

Each type of insulation comes with its own pros and cons. For example, you might have a problem adding structural insulation to your home, but it is more useful during the initial construction stage. Spray foam roofing into existing insulation is the best as it can help the space meet.

R-Value Chart

The standard R-Value chart for different roof material are as follows

  • Fiberglass – 3.1-3.4
  • Fiberglass blown (wall) – 3.1-4.0
  • Closed-cell spray foam- 6.0-6.5
  • Cellulose blown (attic)- 3.2-3.7

In order to calculate the R-value, you need to multiply the total thickness of the wall by the standard R-Value insulation system. Along with this, you have to calculate the R-Value of the total system.

Save Energy with R-Value Roof Insulation

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