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Most homeowners in Oklahoma City, OK, have little to no knowledge about the fire-resistance rating. But, it is not satisfactory to remain stuck in ignorance. You need to get the correct information before selecting a roof repair service. We think you are eager to know about the experts’ take on this matter. Luckily, this post has all the details you need.

Almost every asphalt shingle boasts a fire-resistance rating of Class-A. But does that mean every shingle has the same property? Not really! That’s why it is mandatory to observe the fire resistance details. Remember, before getting in touch with a roofing contractor; you should become aware of these facts.

Exploring the Asphalt Shingle Fire Ratings

There are three primary classifications for fire resistance in roofing materials. These include:

Class A: Most asphalt shingles in Oklahoma City, OK, fall into this section. These roofing substances have the potential to provide top-notch fire protection to the roof deck.

Class B: The asphalt shingles in this category offer fire security to a moderate degree.

Class C: This section ensures the lowest fire safety for roofing decks.

The Decision-Making Moment

So, you are all set to choose an ideal roof repair service. But wait! How can you utilize this information to select an appropriate roofing contractor? We know you might be going through a similar thought process. The first step is to ask the roofer about using fire-repelling roofing substances. Moreover, you can’t settle for anything less than Class-A superiority if you reside in a fire-prone region. However, this factor alone, is insufficient to promise wind resistance, durability, and algae repulsion. In addition, you need the assurance of optimum weather endurance. If you can take care of these intricate details, you are more likely to mitigate the chances of emergencies.

Another critical factor you cannot ignore is the roof’s watertight property. Simply put, homeowners require a roofing system that safeguards their property’s structure from water devastation.

Who Would You Prefer for Your Roofing Needs?

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