The use of metal roofs in residential or commercial roofing in OKC is not new, and metal roofs have existed since the 1960s when metal roofs were considered metal roofs mainly used in industrial and commercial buildings. Metal roofs are actually rather trendy and available in different styles and models. Like their design and style, their functionality has improved a lot.

Nonetheless, most landowners question whether they can get a return on this expensive investment. The main issue is whether the sustainable quality and energy savings on the metal roof can ultimately bear the cost at the start. In response, many have made some of the misunderstandings regarding the installation of metal roofing very clear and then show clearly the conditions under which the total advantages of metal roofing are achieved.


The life expectancy of the low-slope unpainted Al-Zn alloy is 60 years, which was found in a report by the Metal Manufacturing Association (MCA). The lifetime of a commercial building is almost the same, according to LEED v4, which essentially means that no replacement is required for a Galvalume metal roof. All building owners and the community benefit from reducing the demand for new roofing systems.


Steel is widely known as a durable commodity and a good fit for extreme weather conditions in addition to its long service life. our metal roofing and wall panels offer fire and wind resistance and prevent leakage of air and water, which are supported by third-party testing. Our metal roofing panels are able to withstand winds of up to 140 mph and contribute to durable, weatherproof buildings.


Made recyclable materials (25%-35%), our metal roofing panels are energy efficient and beyond its composition by the end of a life cycle and are practically 100% recycling able. Our metal roofing systems are coated with Cool Roof reflective infrared finishes, reflecting much of sunlight infrasound and keeping the roof temperature less than uncoated or standard roofing materials with substantial HVAC cost reductions.

Metal panels are strong hosts for other energy-efficient building materials and even for the production of energy. With any type of insulation system, our metal panels can support very thick insulation to maximize the performance of a building. Metal roofs are also suitable surfaces for solar PV systems. PV systems can be installed without penetration on a metal roof, with a low risk resulting in high performance.

Effective in Hot Areas

The metal roof cover for commercial roofing in OKC can easily mirror the sunshine and keep the house cool all summer long. Such thermal efficiency would allow homeowners to reduce the cost of energy. This cost advantage can be compensated for the initial cost of the roof only in most hot regions in about 10-15 years. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the thermal efficiency characteristics of the metal roofs in high-temperature regions are fully understood.

Stylish Roofs

Today you can find several styles of trendy roofs. While you know the design and style of the roofing, it is important that you do not choose the style, since the roof is not the most attractive part of your home. It is said that the style and design of the bathrooms, the interior, floors, cuisine and exterior of the property more than the design and style of the roof are astonishing to most homeowners.


Among all the incredible benefits mentioned earlier, lasting quality is the most important thing. When good maintenance is performed, metal roofs normally last 30-80 years. Many industrial and commercial buildings, therefore, prefer the use of metal roofs to other types of roofs.
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