Blog, flat roof repair . June 13, 2022

The main goal of a good roof is to provide watertight integrity to the building no matter what material is being used. Nowadays, there are a lot of different styles of options present for flat or low slope commercial roofing. It is more expansive than residential roofing for techniques and maintenance, so getting flat roof repair is more accessible and lower budget. A commercial roof is built flat and not steeply sloped for several reasons, and the following blog will tell you all about it.

The Construction Cost at the Beginning

When you are building a commercial roof in Oklahoma City, it will be ample space. A steep slope roof takes a lot of

material to make and will cost you tremendous money. The roof assembly and the height it would require to reach will be the main problem for you. Another problem can be the requirement of peaks, valleys, or other irregular features, which will only add in more money. It will also cost you huge money when you require roof repair compared to a flat roof repair.

Installing Solar Panel

If you are getting a flat roof, it is ideal for installing solar panels. This can change the entire building as a means of energy production. Flat roofs are not perfectly flat, which means some designs dedicate the roof to have proper drainage. You might face changes in places from heavy rooftop equipment, which professionals from flat roof repair services can maintain.

Some of the Options for Roofing System

When a building owner or manager thinks of roofing a commercial low slope facility, they have many options. Some of those options are

  • BUR System

Built-up roofing, also known as the BUR system, is built on a rooftop by the installing contractors. This kind of roofing is made from felt or synthetic fiber, which is melted together with coal tar and covered with pea gravel for protection. This is an old technology still used by some roofers because it makes flat roof repair easy.

  • Thermoset Membrane

These materials provide elasticity and are commonly known as EPDM in the marketplace. These are chemically set with the help of adhesives and are installed by contractors. They are typically black.

Make the Best Choice for Your Commercial Roof

If you are starting to build your commercial roof, you need to contact Preferred Roofing to get a hold of the best roofing service. They put your wishes first and inspect to determine what can be the best option for you. Call to schedule an inspection.