Blog, flat roof repair . June 20, 2018

As long as the roof is not leaking, it’s fine! This is an unfortunate misconception that too often leads to high long run repair costs. The life span of the roof depends on many factors, specifically the materials, the weather and the use of the roof. Moreover, the design of the roof is also important.
Depending on the design and material, a flat roof can last up to 50 years. Naturally, a visual flat roof inspection is considered the most important part of regular maintenance to reduce the need for an expensive flat roof repair

Minor Repairs

Regular use such as foot traffic or bringing tools up on the roof or Oklahoma’s high winds, hail and rain can cause a bit of damage here and there. If routine damage is allowed to go unnoticed, small problems can become much bigger.

Drainage Concerns

Seasonal changes impact the drainage system of the roof. Leaves tend to accumulate on the roof during fall, not to mention the toll winter can have. By the time spring rains come, you’re looking at a perfect storm of drainage clogging and water damage.

Procrastination Cost

By ignoring a needed flat roof repair or at least inspection during the spring, you might end up with a much bigger bill. On the other hand, a regular inspection can help reduce the costs of repair. Since flat roofing is mostly used for commercial purposes, reluctance to maintain your flat roof might impact your business.


The roof is often overlooked when thinking about the security of a building and the people and property inside. A damaged roof can create access points for thieves and vandals to pry their way in. Regular flat roof inspections can help identify such vulnerabilities.

Leak Detection

It pays to be proactive in detecting leaks. By the time water is dripping inside, you may be dealing with a serious problem. A regular flat roof repair and inspection can prevent the kind of damage a budding leak can cause before it even gets inside.

Climate Control

Though flat roofs are designed to protect your interior from sun, heat, cold and weather, over time the roof can lose its ability to insulate you from the elements. Inspections, maintenance and repair can reduce your AC and heating costs by identifying points of poor insulation.
If you’ve noticed any of the problems mentioned above or would like to keep tabs on your roof’s health with an inspection, call Preferred Roofing.