Blog, Spray Foam Roofing OKC . August 3, 2022

There are numerous options of insulation spray foam based on the composition, qualities and intended applications. It can be difficult to select the appropriate one to fulfill your needs. You should verify whether the insulation foam is waterproof. If the product is not waterproof, then there is no usage at all.

The house owners must know when to use the right type of spray foam insulation on their roofs. It is especially important when it comes to ensuring durability. If you prefer spray foam roofing for your house, then consult with the experts in OKC immediately.

Closed Cell or Open Cell- Which is Waterproof?

Whether the product is waterproof or not, completely depends upon the type of element the experts use. In general, closed cell spray is waterproof but open cells are not. Keep in mind that the closed cell product is made in the thick version while the other one is found in the light version.

The open cell spray foam expands more compared to the closed cell one. The roofers mainly use the open cell product to insulate the crannies and corners but it does not protect closed cell spray foam. If you want to protect your house from water damage, then go for closed cell spray foam roofing.

Why is Waterproofing Essential?

Nowadays, the rate of natural disasters has increased drastically. This situation has increased the importance of selecting waterproof spray foam insulation. You can include a significant layer of insulation in the roof by using waterproof spray foam insulation. As a result, the external temperature cannot affect roof insulation.

What are the Advantages of Closed Cell Foam Insulation?

It provides strength and resistance to the roof toward the external element. It has an additional R-value compared to an open cell. As a result, it can insulate the roof better than other components.

This type of insulation can seal the cracks and holes in the crawl and attic space. You may notice that the utility bill has increased for a few months because of air leakage issues. This product can create an airtight seal that does not allow to create any type of leaks over time. The other benefits are:

  • It is eco-friendly
  • It provides durability
  • Provide resistance against moisture damage
  • It is a powerful insulator

Providing Roofing and Weatherproofing Peace of Mind

At Preferred Roofing, we provide the quality material that serves your house well. If you want to protect your roof from any type of leakage problem for decades, then get suggestions from the experts in OKC.