Is Your Roof Winter Ready?

You are ready for next winter. You have made your checklist including sweaters, jackets, and ready with a winter skincare regime. Are your home, especially, roofing winter-ready? If this term is relatively new to you, this is the high time you should know about it. The roof is the part of the home that is exposed to weather ailments the most. Quite naturally, it tends to be affected the most. As this one acts as protection for the home, it is our duty to protect the roof from any possible threats to expand its life. Do not wait for the next weather forecast, because you may get less time to do everything needed for the roof to protect it from upcoming weather issues.

There are many roofing companies in OKC, most of them are efficient and know their work well. But staying in Oklahoma City, you have to find the best one out of the pack.

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Clean up

The first step is an overall clean up. Make sure there is nothing on the roof – be it debris, dust, leaves, dirt or anything else. It will keep gutters clog free and no excess weight on the siding. Apart from clean the roof, clean the gutters from existing clogs. A filled up gutter with dirt can cause damage to the home, interior and exterior as well. In winter, there will be ice, snowflakes, when these runs over the gutter rather than going down the rain, it can form dangerous icicles along the edge of any roof.

Examining the Roof

After cleaning the roof, check thoroughly if there is any existing damage; a roofing company in OKC can do it better. Examine for frayed edges, shifting, lifting edges, curling shingles, missing shingles, flashing or any bare spots. If there is any such issue, it is better to repair right at the moment, as all of these are prone to leak.

Check the surrounding for dead branches, hanging branches etc. as these are potential threats for the roof.


As it is going to be very cold outside in Oklahoma City, obviously you would not want chilling breeze enter your room. Make sure vents are clear and you have a well-insulated attic. Depending on the wall, you may need 16 to 18 inches insulation. Make sure there is no ice pool on the roof that can cause potential damage to the roof.

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If you are concerned and want your roof to be in the best condition, call Preferred Roofing for roof repairing and replacement. We are always there at your service in any season.