Blog, Spray Foam Roofing OKC . February 1, 2022

If your upstairs rooms are getting heated or the snow on your terrace is melting faster, it might be time for you to apply spray foam roofing to your attic. The cost of the spray foam project will depend on the area that you choose to insulate. Spray foaming the attic in Oklahoma region may cost around $5,000 to $10,000.

What Are The Signs That Your Attic Needs Insulation?

If you are not sure whether to get spray foam roofing, there are a few signs that you should consider to make the decision

  • Check whether the snow on your roof is melting faster than the snow on the roofs of your neighbors or even the snow on the roof of your garage.
  • In case heat is escaping the inside of your house, the energy bill will increase significantly. So, keeping an eye on your energy bills will also help you determine whether you should choose to insulate your attic.
  • A very common problem that many of you may face in Oklahoma City is that the rooms upstairs do not stay as warm as the downstairs room. This might be happening because heat is escaping through gaps in your attic.

Floor insulation vs. Attic Insulation:

The most frequently asked question is whether you should go for spray foam roofing or you should insulate the flooring. We recommend getting your attic insulated. Insulating the floor does not always serve the purpose of insulation effectively. Here are a few reasons that you should consider while choosing between floor and attic insulation:

  • While roof insulation stops the wet air from coming through, floor insulation does not help in keeping the moisture away.
  • Since the attic will not be colder than the rest of the house, your furnace will not have to work harder to keep your house warm. On the contrary, floor insulation will not help in keeping the attic warm, the result of which is an increased energy bill.
  • Attic insulation keeps your roof protected for years.

What services to expect with attic insulation:

Spray foam roofing companies such as Preferred Roofing offer a few services when you call us for an estimate for attic insulation. Services include:

  • An estimate of the cost
  • Someone to help you understand what is happening throughout the project
  • Cleaning and disposing the older roof insulation

You can visit the Preferred Roofing website to book an appointment. We offer solutions for both commercial and residential roofing.