After three to four local roofing companies have been called, the real task is sorting, the confusion begins for figuring out: why are the estimates of roof restoration in Dallas so differently priced.
Many factors, such as reputation, license, and insurance, affect your decision-making process for selecting your roofing contractors. The scope, roofing materials, timeline and costs for the completion of the roofing project are however ultimately the most significant factors.

Here are the top five factors affecting your estimate of roof prices:

Size of the Roof

Roofers take a precise measurement of the roof using square footage to split this number by 100 and give what is known as a roofing square. One square of the roof is about 100 sq-ft. The square, not square foot, is the unit with which most roofing materials sold.

Pitch and Slope of the Roof

For two reasons, the roof pitch is an important factor in determining the cost of the roof. First, it is generally considered not walkable and requires more staging, safety, and labor to complete the roof properly. A very steep roof is something that’s over 6:12 pitch. Secondly, the roof pitch determines the type of underlying system required depending on the type of towering roof that is installed and the required fire rating.

Condition of Your Roof

When the roof paint, flashing, or shingles are peeling off for a poor previous job or age, the team will have a lot more work to do to prepare your roof. It takes hours to do this, and it is extremely hard to do. In general, we see these signs when the original work was not properly done, poor products were used.

Roofing Material

In the product department, you get what you pay for, and not every product is created equal. Cheaper products will naturally lower your roof restoration quote, but you may cost more in the long run, if all the material or shingles have to be removed in a few years’ time.

Warranty Facility

A standard roof warranty, in which the roofing contractor supports the work of the project, differs significantly from an extended or no-dollar warranty, supported by the manufacturer itself. The warranty of a manufacturer generally requires extra steps, materials or inspections together with a fee charged by the manufacturer to back up the work of the roofing contractor.
Make sure you compare providers to ensure quality products and excellent workmanship are used on your roof. We would like to see the end of all the problems in your roof and with the right warranties! Contact our team at Preferred Roofing for expert roof restoration in Dallas.