Blog, Commercial Roofing Dallas . August 31, 2018

Roofing is no longer a basic thing just to provide shade for a building, it is more than that. A technical revolution has touched roofing designs and styles and as a consequence, the options have multiplied and so have the features. Commercial roofing is more intense than residential and so, more research and innovation is required to install the right roof on a commercial building. Commercial roofing companies in Dallas provide several options for installation in terms of materials and designs. Per requirements and preferences, you can choose the right one for your commercial building.
Here are the most prevalent options available for commercial roofing in Dallas.


This is amongst the most common option for commercial roofing. The reason for its popularity is its sturdiness. The components used here generally include aluminum, copper, steel, metal tie etc. Despite its exposure to extreme weather, it can last a long time and the credit goes to the sturdiness of the metal.

Asphalt Shingle

Generally, reinforced with wood, organic constituents and fiberglass this material is also a strong one. The colors and shades are customizable which is why it is able to add an elegant look, despite being strong.


Not all wood, but certain trees like cedar, spruce and pine can be used as roofing material for a commercial building. In the case of woods, there are plenty of shades and colors to choose from. The other side of this is that the material is not long-lasting like the above-mentioned two. Wood is rather a little damage prone and requires good maintenance to last a long time.

Slate Shingle

Slate shingles are indeed an asset for a building. But it is difficult to be installed. Even some contractors fail to install a slate shingle roof properly. It is one of the most expensive types of roofs that can get damaged easily if the installation is not processed correctly. If you can hire an experienced contractor for commercial roofing in Dallas, the investment for slate shingle will pay you back in the long run.


Paying attention to the aesthetics, you can choose tiles as a roofing material for a colorful finish. The tiles are available in two materials – clay and concrete. Though it is easy to install, for commercial purposes you need a professional hand.
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