Blog, flat roof repair . April 6, 2018

As is well known, prevention is better than cure. Severe problems often show certain signs and symptoms that should not be ignored to prevent them from becoming worse. A regular commercial roof inspection can greatly help in keeping damage at bay. This blog post brings you four signs that indicate you may need flat roof repair.

Persistent Leakage Issues

When water passes through the ceiling, it can disturb your daily routine. Leakage starts with the penetration of moisture into the ceiling and cap sheet. As the roof becomes supersaturated, water can drip into rooms. It is quite common for roofs to develop damp spots and leaks, but if the problem persists, then it undoubtedly calls for flat roof repair.

Membrane Seam Problems

Dampness and moisture can bother buildings in Dallas that are well protected by a membrane system. The seams of such roofs develop fish mouths that indicate chances of severe damage. Although the seam is likely to be loosely attached, the roof needs proper repair to fix the issue. This will avoid further damage and chances of mishaps.

Cracked Tar

The shrinking of tar with the passage of time can cause a roof to shrink and develop cracks. This leads to the protrusion and expansion of joints in the roof. Further, climatic conditions including processes of freezing and thawing lead the roof to develop leaks. Experts in commercial roofing in Dallas suggest getting your roof repaired if you spot any cracking in the tar. The experts in flat roof repair will seal the cracks with a bitumen modified membrane, and thus the chances of damage are minimized.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is the metal that prevents the entry of moisture around things like air conditioner vents or chimneys. A lack of adequate precision while installing them can eventually lead to leaks in your ceilings. You should check the flashing material on your roof for rust or places where it is bent or detached. If you come across any of the above signs, then you must call a flat roof repair expert so that the problem is tackled before it develops into a disaster.