Blog, Roof Repair OKC . April 6, 2022

There is no denying that filing an insurance claim for roof repairing can be nerve-wracking. You may hear various stories where the insurer applies a tricky way to deny your entire claim. Everybody knows that insurance companies are also here to do business. Their main goal is to increase income not to give the money to someone for free.

If you do not report the damage correctly, then it can happen to you too. We all know that roof repairing, or replacement can be expensive if the roof gets damaged severely on account of natural phenomena. In that case, getting an insurance claim is the only chance for repairing the damaged roof.

In addition, you can also contact a roof repair company as they can assess the damages and provide you with a better idea of whether the insurance company will willingly pay for repairs. We have given you an insight into the right way to file an insurance claim for your roof.

  • You Should Consider What the Policy Cover

Before filing for a roof replacement claim, you should look into the policy very carefully and what damages it can cover. You should check the coverage because it can vary from one provider to the other. For example, there are a few insurance companies that do not cover roof repair coverage if the roof is older than 10 years.

  • Take Photos and Videos of the Damages

Most of the time, the roof gets damaged because of natural phenomena. If you notice damage, take videos and photos of it. You should take photos of wet spots on the ceiling and missing and hanging shingles. Many times, fallen trees damage the roof severely. Therefore, it would be great if you take pictures of these fallen trees. Moreover, you should also mention the date and time with the evidence. These proofs will help you to get financial coverage for your roof repairing work.

  • Consider Whether You Should Apply for a Claim

Keep in mind that the cost of the total roof replacement is over $20,000 but not all types of roofing work are that much expensive. A patch job or partial replacement may cost $3,000 which is not worth filing a claim. You should consider a few things before filing for a claim including:

  1. The total cost of repairs.
  2. The amount of your deductible.
  3. Whether you’ve filed claims before.

Protect Your House

If a house owner receives a denial from the insurance company or gets a ridiculously low settlement offer, then they feel scared and shocked. You should not do the permanent repair until you get the green signal from your insurer.

Otherwise, you have to pay the whole cost out of your pocket. To avoid such situations, contact Preferred Roofing in Oklahoma City, OK as their experienced roofers will guide you in this matter.