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The winter terrain we enjoy each year puts your roof at risk. The three major aspects that snow is harmful are listed by the reputed roofing companies. Read in details.

  1. Ice Dams: During winter, as you heat your house, the roof warms up and allows the snow to melt. The melting snow falls to the edge of the roof and the temperature drops to ice again. A blockage, or ice dam, will form if this occurs again and again. The snowmelt must go somewhere after the ice dam is built. It goes through the most normal route down the slope and this direction is generally under your shingles and flashings, sadly. Roofs are not built to cope with this amount of moisture, so you can inevitably have leaks.
  2. The collapse of the roof: This light, fluffy, floating snowflake is a beast when it joins all its buddies on your roof. The water content of the average mid-west snowfall is weighed 1 pound per square foot. It doesn’t seem like much when you start considering the weight of six inches or one foot or more of the accumulation. And the weight increases rapidly if there is ice. It can weigh just one inch of ice as much as snow. It can easily become an issue by weight of this much snow and ice, which can jeopardize any roof, even a new roof. Were you aware that after 10 inches of snowfall even the Metrodome roof collapsed? If the snow gets too thick, every roof will collapse.
  3. Skylights with Leaks: Skylights are beautiful additons to Midwest houses which allow extra light in the dark winter months. But during heavy snowfall, they can fast become a problem. Melting snow will flow under the skylight, providing the homeowner with nightmarish leaks. The accumulated excess condensation will completely break the skylight.

How do you know that you are gaining so much snow on your roof? When is it time to employ someone for snow removal? Call the experts at Preferred Roofing in OKC immediately if you see any of these signs:

  • Echo from the roof that creaks or cracks
  • Blocking ice in rinses or dropping
  • Hard to open doors or windows?
  • Twist or crack in beams or joists
  • Tiles on the ceiling drop or fall down
  • You’re getting leaks

End you search for credible roofing companies in OKC after visiting Preferred Roofing.