Blog, flat roof repair . September 24, 2021

Flat roofs have been the choice of many homeowners. In recent times, flat roofs have gained popularity in residential roofing. Many people purchase homes with flat roofs as it gives them a different modern look unlike the sloped ones. But ponding water on flat roofs is a common problem. If you are a homeowner and facing ponding water on your flat roofs, make sure you hire a professional for flat roof repair.

What Is Ponding Water on a Flat Roof?

Unlike sloped roofs, sometimes water may collect in puddles over your flat roofs and don’t drain off on its own. Normally, it’s considered to be ponding water when water, in the form of puddles, stays more than 48 hours over the roof instead of draining off. If this happens to your roof, you are going to be in big trouble. You should contact a professional for flat roof repair in order to fix this issue right on time. If you overlook this issue, it is going to cost you more in future. Ponding water may create plenty of problems for your roofs.

Why Flat Roofs Have Puddles?

  • Ponding water is not a good sign for your roof. Even the smallest of puddles can impact your roof. Flat roof doesn’t mean that it should be entirely flat. It should be installed on a perfect pitch that will allow water to drain off quickly. If you are in Dallas, find a professional for the restoration of your roof.
  • Certain drainage issues such as clogged drains are prone to ponding water. The installation of the roof is very crucial in this case.
  • Sometimes HVAC systems can be a big issue for ponding water. HVAC systems used to be heavy. Once you place them over your flat roofs, they will put pressure on your roofs and as a result it will create dip.

What Ponding Water Can Do to Your Roof?

Ponding water can do a lot of damage that you couldn’t have dreamt of.

  • The excessive water can damage the structure of your roof.
  • Roofing materials can be eroded if they come in contact with constant water. As a result, you may experience roofing failure.
  • When the puddles are on your roof for a longer period of time, moss and lichen will grow. These types of vegetation can damage your roof easily. Apart from this, pests and animals will be attracted by the water. You may lose the quality of your home in this manner.
  • Roof leakage is a common symptom of ponding water. Once the depth of ponding water exceeds, water starts to penetrate the structure.

While you are in Dallas and facing puddles on your roofs, hire a professional for the roof restoration. Professionals are always the first choice. Don’t try to do anything on your own.

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