Blog, roof repair oklahoma city . March 10, 2021

Your home is one of your biggest investments and it is one of your highest priorities to protect it from hurricanes. Hurricane energy is sufficient to separate the roof from the main building and cause further serious damage. Here are some precautions to follow in the hurricane season to protect your house.

  • Have a Roof Assessment

To assist you to inspect your roof, contact a roof repair specialist. An expert has the expertise to identify defects in the roof and whether a hurricane can be handled. To determine whether the roof has been affected by moisture and mold, the contractor will inspect the interior. He’s also going to check for loose shingles, leaks and cracks. After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report. The report may contain its recommendations, the estimate of life expectancy and repair costs.

  • Gutter and Drain Cleaning

A significant role plays in mitigating storm damage is the drainage system. A rain is present in a hurricane that can cause severe damage. You would like to make sure you are free to conduct water effectively in case of storm in your gutters and drainage systems. Clean the debris from the drain. Make sure the gutter is clear to make it easily flow by the rainwater. To help you clean the gutters efficiently, you may need a roofing contractor.

  • Attic Inspection

It is a good idea before the hurricane season to go through your roof and look for loose or affected areas such as soffits, eaves, and gable vents. Furthermore, you can search for indications of prior intrusion of water, such as stains, damp wood, and paint for peeling, moist insulation or mould.

  • Loose Tiles and Shingles

Before a storm hits, any loosing tiles or shingles on your roof have to be secured. If one of these is broken up during the storm, the rains will have sudden entry point into your home, and the house will be vulnerable to a lot of water damage.

  • Check Wear and Tear, Rust

Before storm flows across the area, you must look for any rust spots, loose anchors, cracked or worn pipes, and exposed nails, metal detached or other signs that your roof is wearing out. An already damaged roof has little chance in the event of a major storm or even a moderate storm, so it is best to have it replaced before the hitting of the storm season if you find your roof is needed.

  • Clean Yard

If you take the time to clean your yard and secure any loose items before a storm, you are less likely to have random scraps that could risk your roof. One of these items should be moved to the inside, and if not, make sure it is somewhere safe.

  • Tree Trimming

It is a good idea to make sure that your trees branches are trimmed and before a storm arrives. These can be blown off easily and fall on your roof during high winds during a hurricane, causing severely damaging, depending on its size. Contact us at Preferred Roofing for roof repair in Oklahoma City OK or other requirement. Make an appointment followed by your details.