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As roofs protect the house from natural phenomena, therefore, we should take care of the roof very often. Generally, flat roofs do not need very much maintenance. But if you have already installed a flat roof, then, in that case, you have to hire a professional roof repair service to examine the current condition of the roof.

What Can You Do?

1. Check the Gutter

Among a few problems, standing water is one of the main problems of a flat roof. There is a very slight angle in the flat roofing system which is used to drain the excess water. But if the gutter becomes clogged, then it cannot drain water anymore. As a result, you can notice standing water on your roof after it rains. You should clean the gutter on a regular basis to avoid such problems.

2. Use Coating

You can also use a waterproof coating to prevent water damage to the flat roof. If the roof has a proper drainage system with waterproof coating, then it can be efficient for you in any situation. You can use any type of coatings such as sprays, single-ply membranes, reinforced bitumen membranes and brush-applied chemicals to your roof. To get the best result, you should contact a flat roof repair service.

Reinforced Bitumen Membranes

First, you have to bond two to three layers of bitumen together that are placed across the surface of the flat roof. Then you have to combine the polyester carrier with the coating to make a waterproof element. Next, you can pour hot bitumen to attach the material to the roof.

Single-Ply Membranes

You can attach the single-ply membrane to the roof by adhesion, fastening and ballasting. You should screw the plastic fasteners through the membrane and seal them to the roof. On the other hand, you can use polyurethane adhesives so that the single-ply membrane and the insulation are installed properly.

The Procedure

First, you have to examine the roof. Then you have to check the insulation, flashing and seams of the roof. Now, if you find any debris, then clean it. If required, the roofers repair the roof before applying the coating and that’s it.

Get the Desired Performance

Keep in mind that the flat roof can provide the best performance and durability if you do not compromise the quality of its installation. You should check the roof replacement costs from the roof repair services to get the work done properly.


  • You can apply waterproof coating to your flat roof at a very reasonable price.
  • As you do the installation work by a professional flat roof repair service, it can increase the lifespan of the roof.
  • The waterproof coating will help you to prevent water leakage problems. As a result, you will not feel sick due to indoor humidity from the leakage problem.

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