Blog . November 9, 2020

You want the roof to last as long as possible if it is a commercial building owner. The best approach is to rebuild your roof by small repairs and then apply coating to your current roof.

Things You Need to Know:

  • A typical situation a construction owner faces when it comes to the reconstruction of the roof?
  • What is a protective coating?
  • What trade roofs have a coating device qualified for?
  • The method by which your current roof system is getting the coating application?
  • What are the advantages of coating?
  • How long is the coating going to last on your roof?

Preferred Roofing has been recognized since many years for the installation of spray foam roofs in commercial roofing. The cover is also used for the protection of spray foam roofs and for the conservation and repair of other roofing systems.

The procedure used to prolong the life of a trade roof is referred to as the silicone membrane restoration method.

Let’s start!

How is it possible to start with Roofing Conversation?

An owner of a building would have a problem. A tenant typically complains that there are already brown spots on the ceiling or that the roof is starting to leak.

If the building owner has no service agreement or insurance with a roofing contractor, then another roofing contractor must be sought, to look at the roof.

When you have an experienced roofer on the roof, you can see where the trouble areas are, analyses water entry points, probably pull core samples and then carry out an infrasound inspection to see how much water is being saturated in the insulation.

When all data has been processed, the building owner will be able to choose a list of choices.

A silicone restoration method can be done if the roof is less than 25% saturated. If the roof has a saturation of more than 25%, cutting the roof off entirely and building a new system will be more economical.

What Is the Product Coating?

Siliconium is the protective layer that extends the lifetime of an existing roof. Silicone is used like paint, but for commercial roofing systems. It is used in a similar way. The best feature is that silicone is waterproof that does not crack with water and does not allow water to penetrate the roofing system insulation.

Had a service / Go for Maintenance

It’s very likely that a commercial roof with regular maintenance would be fine. Service contracts require the detection and fixation of small gaps and cracks, the cleaning out of drained waters in order to stop standing water and seams when adhesion is lost.

Both these repairs maintain the roof in good condition, ensuring that a good base for renovation is affordable.

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