Learn the Common Signs of Roof Leak

roof leak

Our home is most valuable possession where we live with our family and you can call it the living album. Then, how can we ignore the roof that is the other name of shelter? Fortunately, the signs of roofing problems are visible and easily detectable. A small leak might go unnoticed but cracks or shingle problems are quite visible. You need to inspect the roof closely, especially during the season change. If there is any issue, immediately call the best roofing companies in OKC.

Learn the Signs

Roof Cement: Metal flashing is not prone to leaks when it meets another surface, but this is expensive, time-consuming and requires right the know-how. That is why; most of the homeowners choose to slather cement on the surface. It hardens faster, less expensive but leakage is very common with this type of roofing solution. So if you find any heavy tar patchwork on the surface, fix it.

Chimney Cricket: A wide chimney cricket creates a dam on the roof and debris build-up behind that; it holds moisture as well. As a result, wood rots and causes damage. If the chimney is properly installed, it will drive the water off the roof. Besides, you have to regularly monitor the dam if there is an installation error with the chimney.

Missing Kick-out Flashing: When the roof meets a sidewall, the roof runoff or water flows down the wall or often into the wall. If there is a door or a window, the water may seep in the trim. Being unnoticed for a longer time, it can severely damage the sheathing and framing.

Gutter Apron: When the water flows off the roof, it leaves a little portion under the shingles and it gradually dribbles under the fascia. If you do not have a gutter apron, it will taper behind the gutter. As a result, the roof sheathing, the fascia and soffits will start to rot.

hail damage

Hail Damage: If a large hailstone hits a roof shingle, it can tear it up. Generally, it destroys the protective layer of granules of the shingle and it becomes exposed to the UV rays. If a hailstone hits your floor, immediately search for the roofing companies in OKC.

Lifespan: In general, a roof lasts for 25 years on an average but it needs regular maintenance. We suggest, let the professionals inspect the roof along with its integrity and current condition.

If you need to inspect your roof or there are damages, summon Preferred Roofing, the best roofing companies in OKC.